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Hi. I’m Eartha and blogging is my thing. I enjoy writing about things that interest me the most and sharing those things on my blogs.

The cool part is that blogging can help you earn income. If you are willing to work on your blog and pick up a few skills along the way, you can develop another stream of income.

How a Job Layoff Led Me to Blogging

I worked as a web developer for many years. At my previous web job, I was miserable and so ready to quit web work in general. I was fed up with working in a cubicle, looming deadlines, and difficult clients.

My answer came in the form of a job layoff. One day, the entire web team was pulled into the conference room and we were told our jobs were no longer needed.

Looking back, it was one of the best things that could have happened. I was free, even though I was forced out. However, at the time, it was devastating and stressful.

I decided that I no longer wanted to work for anyone else and blogging was my way out. I took a retail job in the meantime (simply to avoid cubicle life) and worked incessantly on my blog.

My hard work paid off. Fifteen months after starting that retail job, I was able to quit and transition into working for myself.

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