Make Money Online with a Blog – Free Course Introduction

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Free Blogger Course Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Free Niche Blogging Course. I’m happy to have you here!

My name is Eartha and I used niche blogs to help me transition from working a physically demanding retail job to work for myself.

I put this course together so that anyone that wants to can create their own niche blog and learn how to earn a consistent income online with it.

There are many online blogging courses available priced in the hundreds of dollars. Some I have seen for sale for thousands. Rest assured that this course will remain 100% free.

How a Niche Blog Earns Income

Your blog can earn income in a variety of ways. However, my favorite and most preferred way is with affiliate marketing.

Below are screen captures of some of my affiliate commissions. I only show these to demonstrate what is possible with your own hard work and consistent effort:

january commissions

commissions november 2018

As you follow along in this course, I will show you exactly how I monetize my blogs with affiliate products and how I write content that converts.

I hold nothing back in this course. These are the exact steps I use for every niche blog that I create. I am constantly adding new material so be sure to check back and review each lesson.

You Determine Your Own Success

There are no secrets or magic bullets to earning income with a blog. It is not a “get rich scheme.” It will require your hard work and consistent effort.

The unsuccessful niche blogs are the ones in which the owners quit. My best advice to all new niche bloggers is:

Give yourself a year.

All businesses take time to grow and an online business is no different. Every successful blogger has started the same way. You will be amazed at what you’ve accomplished with your blog in a year’s time.

Ready to Get Started?

I’ve done my very best to keep each lesson simple and easy to follow. Each lesson contains the exact methods I use for all of my niche blogs.

You can get started by clicking on lesson 1 below. If you haven’t already, sign up to my mailing list below in order to receive course task reminders.

Lesson 1: Choose a Niche for Your Blog

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